Anyone who wants to trade in emission allowances needs to have an account in the EU ETS Registry. The organisations and aircraft operators for which participation in the EU ETS is mandatory also need an account in order to receive their free allocation and to enter emissions and surrender their allowances.

Accounts in the EU ETS Registry

The EU ETS Registry works in the same way as internet banking. After logging in, users have access to their account(s) and they can transfer their emission allowances to other 
accounts via transactions.

The companies and aircraft operators that are required to participate in the European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) also need their account for three other purposes: 

  • to receive allowances that they have been allocated 
  • to enter their CO2 emissions figures 
  • to surrender allowances

The EU ETS Registry has several account types. These are the aircraft or other operator holding account ([A]OHA), the trading account (TA) and the Kyoto account (KA). This table shows all the relevant information about the options and restrictions of the various accounts.