Account settings

The phase 4-version of the registry includes 2 new account settings in the CO2 registry. These settings can make it easier to carry out certain transactions.

One of the settings relates to transfers to non-trusted accounts. In the previous version of the CO2 registry, transferring emission allowances to non-trusted accounts was only possible from trading accounts. In the new version of the registry, it is also possible to transfer emission allowances from aviation and other operator holding accounts to non-trusted accounts, provided the account holder has explicitely consented to this. As a default, it is not possible to transfer to non-trusted accounts.

Another key change is the ability to choose the two-eyes or four-eyes principle in relation to transactions in the CO2 registry. Your company can choose to allow transactions to trusted accounts to be carried out without the approval of a second person. Surrender transactions and voluntary cancellation transactions also fall under this setting. The four-eyes principle is set as default.

Account holders can change these settings through a change request.