User roles in the EU ETS Registry

The EU ETS Registry distinguishes between different user roles with corresponding authorisations: account representative, approver, account representative + approver and passive account representative. All users are able to view the account data and balance.

An account allows users to carry out certain actions. Some actions must first be initiated by a user and then approved by another user.

Different user roles

  • Process initiators only can initiate actions, including transactions and changes to the trusted account list.
  • Proces approvers can approve initiated actions.
  • Process initiators and approvers can initiate and approve actions. When the four-eye principle applies, the user who approves the action must be someone other than the user who initiated the action.
  • Read only account representatives can only view the account data and the balance.
User roles
Role Authorisation(s)
Process initiator Can initiate actions
Proces approver Can approve initiated actions
Process initiator and approver Can initiate actions or approve initiated actions
Read only account representative Can only view the account data

Minimum and maximum number of users

  • At least two users must be linked to the account, at least one of whom can initiate actions and at least one of whom can approve actions. Multiple users/authorisations can be useful as a fallback, during holidays, in case of unexpected absence or illness etc.
  • There is a maximum of 20 users per account.