Periodic review of emissions trading

It is important to ensure the integrity and reliability of emissions trading. CO2 registry users are therefore obliged to keep the data stored in the registry complete and up to date. Users must notify the NEa of any changes in their account details within 10 working days.

In turn, the NEa conducts a periodic review, during which account holders are actively asked to pass on changes or confirm data in the CO2 registry.

Prevent account blocking

Trading accounts are reviewed at least once every three years. Operator holding accounts, aircraft operator holding accounts and verifiers are reviewed at least once every five years.

The NEa has designed the review procedure to be as clear and customer-friendly as possible. Users receive a pre-completed form from the NEa help desk with a request to check the data and pass on changes if necessary.

If users do not comply with the request to check the data and pass on changes, the accounts of the relevant account holder will be blocked for security reasons. This could have a detrimental effect not only on the trading arrangements, but also on the year-end closing of operator and aircraft operator holding accounts. You should therefore ensure that you complete the review on time. This will prevent your account from being blocked.