Trading account

A trading account (TA) is for organisations that want to trade emission allowances voluntarily, or for parties for which participation in the EU ETS is mandatory and that want to be able to transfer allowances faster than from an OHA.

Applying for a TA

In order to apply for a trading account, the account holder must be registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. See below for more information on this registration requirement.

You can apply for a TA by completing the application form and sending it to the NEa. When applying for the TA, you must designate at least two people to be linked to the account as users. The application must be signed by an authorised representative under the articles of association – meaning someone who is legally authorised to sign documents. This is usually a director or board member.


A TA costs €400 per year. The TA will not be opened until this amount is in the NEa’s account. You can also open a TA with additional services: the Premium Account. There are additional costs associated with this.

Registration requirement for a TA

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy has put in place an additional risk mitigation measure regarding the CO2 registry. The measure constitutes a requirement for holders of trading accounts to be registered in the Dutch Commercial Register. In other words, all holders of TAs or accounts must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce as of 1 January 2021. You can read more information about this topic on the Chamber of Commerce website.

The NEa will verify whether the registration requirement has been met by means of an extract from the Chamber of Commerce or, in the case of private individuals, by means of an extract from the Key Register of Persons (BRP extract – please see the website of your municipality). Businesses with their seat of business abroad must also submit supporting documentation to prove the business address of the legal entity.

This rule applies as of 1 January 2021 to all holders of both new and existing trading accounts and has been published in the Dutch Emissions Trading Regulation.

How does this affect you if you wish to open a TA in the Dutch CO2 registry?
When applying for the account, new account holders will be expected to comply with the new requirement. Compliance must be demonstrated with an extract from the Chamber of Commerce or Key Register of Persons. If you are not present in either register, no account will be created.

Links to the relevant legislation and regulations:

This requirement therefore does not apply to account holders who only have a Kyoto account or an OHA.

CO2 registry user terms & conditions for TAs

According to Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/1122, the registry administrator (of the NEa) may require organisations that participate in the EU ETS, and thus have access to the CO2 registry, to agree to the terms and conditions pertaining to the subjects in Annex II of the Regulation. The rules for the Union Registry accounts managed by the Netherlands are laid down in the user terms & conditions.

You can find the user terms & conditions for trading accounts and Kyoto accounts here.