Kyoto account

A Kyoto account (KA) makes it possible to receive, hold, trade and voluntary cancel Kyoto units. Kyoto accounts in the CO2 registry will remain valid up to January 2026.

With a KA you can:

  • Receive, hold and trade Kyoto units (CERs and ERUs). This applies to both valid and invalid CERs and ERUs.
  • Cancel Kyoto units voluntarily.
  • Receive a direct delivery of CERs from the CDM registry.

KA application

You can apply for a KA by completing the application form. When applying, you must designate at least two people who have access to the account. The application must be signed by an authorised representative under the articles of association: someone who is legally authorised to sign documents. This is usually a director or board member.


A KA costs €400 per year. The KA wil not be opened until this amount is in the NEa’s account. You can also open a KA with additional services: the Premium Account. This comes with an additional charge.

Different rules

Kyoto accounts are subject to different settings and rules (like transactions and user roles among others) than (aircraft) operator holding accounts ((A)OHAs) or trading accounts (TAs). More information is available here.

CO2 registry user terms & conditions for KAs

According to Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/1122, the registry administrator (of the NEa) may require organisations that participate in the EU ETS, and thus have access to the CO2 registry, to agree to the terms and conditions pertaining to the subjects in Annex II of the Regulation. The rules for the Union Registry accounts managed by the Netherlands are laid down in the user terms & conditions.

You can find the user terms & conditions for trading accounts and Kyoto accounts here.