(Aircraft) operator holding accounts ([A]OHAs) or trading accounts (TAs) enable account holder to make different types of transactions in the EU ETS Registry. This is subject to certain rules and security measures, which govern such matters as who can make a transaction and the processing time. 

The rules for transfers to and from Kyoto accounts are different. These rules are explained here.

Types of transactions

You can make different types of transactions in the EU ETS Registry. Examples include transferring emission allowances, surrendering allowances for the year-end closing obligation or cancelling allowances voluntarily.

  • Emission allowances can only be surrendered from an OHA or AOHA by the operators and aircraft operators with mandatory participation in the European Emissions Trading System.
  • Allowances can be transferred to other accounts from both (A)OHAs and TAs. The same applies to the voluntary cancellation of emission allowances.
  • Voluntary cancellation of allowances can be done from any type of account.

Transaction processing time

The time it takes for a transaction to be processed in the registry varies depending on the type of transaction and the account settings. Most transfers have a waiting period after initiation and approval. Transaction without delay is only possible from an (A)OHA or TA to an account on the trusted account list.

Here are some basic principles:

  • Transactions without a waiting period are processed immediately between 10 AM and 4 PM on business days.
  • Transactions with a waiting period are processed with a delay of one or two working days. This is a security measure.
  • Surrender transactions and voluntary cancellations can be initiated 24/7 and are processed immediately in the registry (after approval), including on weekends and after 4 PM.

For detailed information on processing time of transactions in the EU ETS Registry, see the ‘Processing transactions’ info sheet.