Public access to information

During year-end closing, companies provide a lot of information to the NEa. How does the NEa treat this information, and what data does it make available to the public?

Publication of information

The following information is actively published by the NEa, thus making it publicly available:

  • no. of allowances issued to each company;
  • greenhouse gas emissions of each company;
  • compliance status of each company (sufficient allowances surrendered/not surrendered); and
  • mandatory sanctions for failure to surrender allowances.

CO2 emissions classified by fuel type

Information on CO2 emissions classified by fuel type is not actively published but will, in principle, be provided to third parties on request. The NEa will promptly notify the operator concerned of such third-party requests to obtain its view and, after taking a decision on the third-party request, will observe a two-week period between announcing the decision and providing the emission data to the party making the request. More information on the procedure you find in the Protocol for the disclosure of emissions reports.

Other data

The NEa regards all other information in the emissions report as business and manufacturing information which has been communicated to the government on a confidential basis. This does not relate to emissions data, but to the underlying data per operator, per fuel type or per installation, such as emissions factors, key figures and energy or fuel consumption.