Emissions report verification

A verifier will need to approve the company's emissions report in a verification report. This evaluation is required by law.

Verification process

Companies submit the completed emissions report to their verifier, who will then assess whether it complies with statutory guidelines and whether it is based on the situation described in the monitoring plan approved by the NEa. If so, the company will receive a declaration of approval from the verifier. The declaration will be put into a verification report along with the verifier's findings, which may result in the company having to submit an improvement report (not part of the Year-end closing, and not due until later in the year).

In their verification, verifiers must use the verification report format drawn up by the NEa.

Verification based on current monitoring plan

Verification is based on the current monitoring plan (MP), which must correspond to the MP approved by the NEa and any subsequent modifications made thereto. For this reason, companies must promptly incorporate any modifications into their MP and report them to the NEa as necessary – including any temporary deviations from the MP over the course of the emissions year.

Remote verification

In a limited number of cases (and subject to several conditions), the verifier may decide to waive visiting the installation on-site. Approval from the NEa is required in such cases. Companies may submit a request to this effect using the form at the bottom of this page. Small-scale emitters do not require approval beforehand, however these companies must still satisfy all other conditions for waiving the on-site visit.