What is renewable energy?

The European Commission and the EU Member States are aiming to use an increasing share of renewable energy. This is energy derived from non-fossil renewable sources. Targets have been set for using renewable energy in the transport sector and for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions produced by transport fuels.

Renewable energy sources

Renewable energy is energy obtained from non-fossil renewable energy sources. These sources are: the wind and sunlight, energy stored in the ambient air, beneath the earth's surface and in the surface water, energy from the oceans, water power, biomass, landfill gas, gas from sewage purification systems and biogases.


Companies that offer fuels on the transport market are obliged to use 16.4% renewable energy by 2020. They are also required to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the fuels they supply by 2020 by 6% relative to 2010. The use of biofuels (fuels from biomass) is the main resource for achieving this target.

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