Registry user roles

The Energy for Transport Registry (REV: Register Energie voor Vervoer) distinguishes between two different user roles: the account representative and the approver.

Please note: the information available on this page is only relevant for 2018-2021.

Roles of the account representative and the approver

Both user-roles can retrieve the data in the account and view the balance. In addition, an account representative can enter claims and make transfers, and register fuel deliveries for transport use. An approver has to approve these actions after they have been entered before they are finalised on the account. You are not obliged to appoint approvers. If you choose not to do so, the account representative completes the registry actions him or herself.

Appointing approvers is a safety feature of the REV. The four-eyes principle ensures that two people are needed to complete a transaction. This reduces the risk of unwanted transactions.

Rules for using the REV

The NEa uses the following rules for using the REV:

  • You must appoint two account representatives; the NEa considers them to be your company‚Äôs contacts for Energy for Transport.
  • If you choose to use the approver role on your account; you must appoint at least two approvers.
  • A user can have two roles, that of account representative and of approver. However, you cannot approve transactions that you have initiated yourself! An account representative can therefore only approve the transactions that have been initiated by the other account representative.
  • An account has a maximum of ten users.