Obligations - Renewable Energy for Transport 2022-2030

Companies that deliver fuels in the Netherlands are subject to obligations based on the Energy for Transport legislation and regulations, consisting of an annual obligation and a reduction obligation.

The annual obligation is a mandatory share of renewable energy in a company’s fuel deliveries, which increases annually. The mandatory share will increase incrementally from 18.9% in 2023 to 28.0% in 2030.

The reduction obligations requires companies to reduce the average greenhouse emissions of their annual fuel deliveries to the transport sector by at least 6% compared to the 2010 baseline.

For the purpose of determining the level of the annual obligation and the reduction obligation, companies must enter their duty-paid fuel deliveries in the Energy for Transport Registry on an annual basis. The level of the obligations is expressed in Renewable Energy Units (HBEs).

Companies must meet their obligations by ensuring that, at a fixed date in the year, i.e. 30 April, they have a sufficient number HBEs in their account in the Energy for Transport Registry. This means they need an account in the Energy for Transport Registry to be able to comply with their obligations.

The pages below set out what these obligations mean and how companies must comply with them: