NEa transfers emission allowances 2017

On 24 February 2017, 372 Dutch installations which are covered by the EU ETS will receive their allowances. In total approximately 43.6 million allowances will be allocated.

National Allocation Decision

In the National Allocation Decision 2013-2020 the allocation has been determined for all installations which applied for free allocation. As a result of changes, the allocation of a few installations has been changed after that.

Allocation suspended

For 11 installations the allocation for 2017 is suspended. The expects that the allocation for these installations will decrease significantly in 2017. By doing this the NEa prevents installations from receiving more allowances than they are entitled to receive. The contact persons of these installations have received a so called ‘suspension decision’.


Aircraft operators will receive their free allowances later this year. This is due to a recent proposalof the European Commission about EU ETS for aviation during the period 2017-2020. The expectation is that the allowances will be issued by the end of April.

Een zwarte rekenmachine ligt op een open agenda met zilverkleurige pen ernaast.
Image: ©NEa / Horia Varlan