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  1. Enforcement on submission of monitoring plans starts 1st of June 2024

    When monitoring plans are submitted by shipping companies before the 1st of June 2024 the NEa will not take any legal action to ...

    Decree, order or decision | 02-04-2024

  2. Presentation and Video Webinar ETS Maritime

    Webinar ETS Maritime

    Publication | 15-03-2024

  3. Questions and answers following the ETS Maritime webinar on 12th March 2024 (NEa).

    Throughout the webinar, we received a number of questions via the chat function. We have answered these below.

    Frequently asked questions

  4. RefuelEU_template_ao_1.1

    Form | 23-02-2024

  5. Template No. 5: Annual emissions report of aircraft operators for EU ETS, Swiss ETS, and CORSIA

    Annual report | 23-01-2024

  6. Checklist Account Representative EU ETS Registry Aviation

    support document | 22-01-2024

  7. Checklist Compliance Cycle 2023

    support document | 22-01-2024

  8. Threshold and Reporting Obligation Guidance – 3rd edition 2024-2026

    Guideline | 22-01-2024

  9. Letter IenW on obligations under ReFuelEU aviation – 21.12.2023

    Letter | 21-12-2023

  10. Significant changes of the monitoring plan form 2023

    Form | 27-10-2023