Surrendering allowances

By 30 April of each year, all aircraft operators participating in the European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) must surrender a quantity of EUAs and/or AEUAs equivalent to their CO2-emissions. By surrendering allowances, the participants compensate for their emissions from the previous year, concluding that year.

Allowances to be surrendered

The CO2 Registry states how many allowances must be surrendered, based on the approved emissions data. Each allowance represents 1 tonne of CO2-emissions.

Regulations for surrendering allowances

Emission allowances can only be surrendered from an airline operator holding account. An account representative must enter the transaction, to be approved by an approver. If there is no approver linked to the account, a second account representative must approve the transaction.


Detailed instructions on how to surrender allowances can be found in the CO2 Registry user guide, available from the registry portal. Registry users will have received the link to the portal from the NEa via e-mail.