Summary of all obligations and deadlines

In order to successfully conclude an emissions year, aircraft operators must fulfil the following obligations:

By 31 March:

  • submit a verified emissions report;
  • enter emissions data into the CO2 Registry; and
  • have the emissions figure approved by the national administrator in the CO2 Registry.

By 30 April:

  • surrender at least as many allowances as the verified emission volumes.


In addition to the obligations specified above, it is important that airlines notify the NEa in good time of relevant changes in the monitoring. The verifier will also pay attention to this during verification. For more information, see ETS aviation notifications.

Infographic ‘Compliance cycle emissions trading’: Submit monitoring plan, open account, apply for free allowances. Monitor emissions, notify chances, submit improvement, report. Februari: receive emission allowances, 30 march: submit verified emissions report, 30 april: surrender allowances.
Image: ©NEa