Drawing up an emissions report

In an emissions report, aircraft operators provide data on the volumes of CO2 emitted, and how these volumes were calculated. The deadline for submitting a verified emissions report to the NEa is 31 March.

Compulsory format

Airlines are required to make use of the format prepared by the European Commission (template number 5) for the drafting of the emissions report. Both small emitters and airlines emitting less than 3000t CO2 under the reduced scope are permitted to make use of the emissions report provided by the Eurocontrol ETS Support Facility, in which case the emissions report need not be verified. The emissions report must relate to the reduced geographic scope for the period from 2013 to 2023, which since 1 January 2020 has also included flights from Europe to Switzerland and flights from Switzerland to Europe.

Airlines which have obligations under CORSIA, must use the European Commission's combined reporting template.