Energy for transport

Since 2003 the European Commission (EC) has made it imperative for the EU Member States to undertake efforts to increase the share of biofuels (or other types of renewable energy) in the transport sector.

The objective of the Energy for Transport legislation is to increase the share of renewable energy (such as biofuels) in the transport sector and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport fuels.

The Energy for Transport legislation has been modified. These changes have consequences for the Energy for Transport compliance system. On 1 July 2018, titles 9.7 and 9.8 of the Environmental Management Act, the Energy for Transport Decree and the Energy for Transport Ministerial Regulation came into force with retroactive effect up to and including 1 January 2018.

You can find information (in Dutch) about the latest developments in Energy for Transport at the Dutch NEa website:  Ontwikkelingen EV 2018.