The Energy for Transport Registry (REV) is an online system where renewable energy units (HBEs) are generated and traded between account holders.  Companies also use the REV to meet their renewable energy for transport (HEV) annual obligation or air pollution from fuels (BL) reporting obligation.

After having logged in, users have access to their account and, depending on their user role and account facilities, are able to:

  • claim delivery of renewable energy;
  • comply with their annual obligation (HEV);
  • transfer Renewable Energy Units (HBEs);
  • comply with their reporting obligation Fuels Air Pollution.

Opening hours

The Energy for Transport Registry (REV) is open every weekday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Registry maintenance

Registry maintenance is unavoidable every now and then, during which times the REV will be temporarily unavailable. The Dutch Emissions Authority (NEa) tries to organise this in such a way as to minimise any inconvenience to users. In the case of prolonged maintenance work (a weekday or longer), the NEa will notify all REV users via email. Maintenance work that only lasts briefly will be reported on the login web page, along with the expected time – later that same day – at which you will be able to log in again.