Accounts - Energy for Transport

Energy for Transport participants require an account in the Energy for Transport Registry (REV: Register Energie voor Vervoer).

Please note: the information available on this page is only relevant for 2018-2021.

Companies can open an account in the REV if they are participants in the Energy for Transport system. These are:

  • Claiming companies
  • Companies subject to Energy for Transport obligations
  • Transferers, i.e. an Excise Warehouse (AGP: accijnsgoederenplaats) Licenseholders, not subject to obligations.

A company could have more than one role. The REV has three facilities which may exist in different combinations on an account. For example, a claiming company can also be subject to obligations.

All account holders have the facility to transfer renewable energy units (HBEs: hernieuwbare brandstofeenheden). Companies  with an annual obligation can comply with their obligations through HBE transfers.

account facilities

Summary of account holders

The NEa publishes a summary of account holder names (legal entity) on this page together with the facilities that are available on each account: claiming, transferring, obligation to register fuel deliveries, annual obligation, and/or obligation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This summary is updated at least twice a year.


Opening an account in the REV involves no costs.