Registry - Energy for Transport

The Energy for Transport Registry (REV: Register Energie voor Vervoer) is an online application wherein renewable energy units (HBEs: hernieuwbare brandstofeenheden) can be created and traded between account holders.

Companies that claim renewable energy in the REV (claiming companies ) will create HBEs by doing so. These HBEs can be traded with companies  subject to an obligation.

Companies subject to an obligation are those companies that deliver duty-paid fuel to the transport sector. They use the REV to comply with both their annual obligation and their obligation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the calendar year 2020. 

REV accounts

An account in the REV is required to participate in the Energy for Transport system. A company can open an account as:

  • Claiming company,
  • Company subject to Energy for Transport obligations,
  • Transferer: Excise Warehouse License holder (AGP: accijnsgoederenplaats) not subject to obligations.

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