Revision of the EU ETS Directive

On 15 July 2015, the European Commission released a proposal for a revised EU ETS Directive for the next phase of the EU Emissions Trading Schema (from 2021 until 2030). Among other things, the proposal includes the target that emissions in the EU ETS should be reduced, compared to 2005, by 43%. The cap will decline based on an annual linear reduction factor of 2.2% (instead of the current 1.74%).

Implementation EU ETS

Given that the NEa is responsible for the implementation of the EU ETS, the NEa examines the feasibility of the proposals for a revised EU ETS Directive. In order to contribute to the discussion with concrete input, the NEa conducted a research study:

Simplification EU ETS

Furthermore, the Dutch Emissions Authority inventoried the potential for simplification of the EU ETS. On 23 June 2015 the NEa has published the report ‘A simple and effective EU ETS’. This report identifies seven general strategies and numerous concrete measures to reduce the administrative burden of the scheme.