Submitting a monitoring plan for ETS aviation

The NEa advises aircraft operators to submit their monitoring plan (MP) in good time: in principle, four months before the aircraft operator is covered by EU-ETS aviation. Or, if it cannot do so by that time, as soon as possible.

Delivery of monitoring plan

You should email the MP in Excel format, accompanied by a scan of the signed front page, to Include the words 'monitoring plan' and the name of your aircraft operator in the subject.

4 months for assessment

Once the monitoring plan has been submitted, the NEa has four months to assess its contents and to complete the statutory procedures (in accordance with the Environmental Management Act). However, this only applies if the MP is admissible. In other words, it must meet all the formal requirements and must be of sufficiently high quality to enable it to be assessed by the NEa. The time it takes to assess the content of the MP will depend to a large extent on its quality and complexity.

Check and approval of the monitoring plan

The NEa will check whether the MP meets the statutory requirements. The aircraft operator will usually have to submit a revised version of the MP at least once, to take into account the NEa’s comments. Related correspondence will be by email with the contact person specified in the MP.

Ultimately, the assessment process should result in an approved MP. The aircraft operator’s contact person will then receive a written approval decision at the address specified in the MP. Aircraft operators may file an appeal against the approval decision to NEa’s management within six weeks of despatch of the approval decision.