Submitting an improvement report

In certain situations aircraft operators have to submit an improvement report to the NEa. The European Commission has drawn up a format for this purpose.

When is an improvement report required?

There are two situations in which an aircraft operator is required to submit an improvement report to NEa:

• the verifier establishes non-conformities during the verification of the emissions report;

• the verifier recommends improvements during the verification of the emissions report.

These situations can be derived from Annex I in the verification report: section B states non-conformities with the approved monitoring plan and section D states recommended improvements.

Template improvement report

In the improvement report the aircraft operator describes which improvements will be implemented and the deadline. When an aircraft operator decides not to implement an improvement, he should provide an explanation for this in the improvement report. Improvement reports need to be drafted using the template provided by the European Commission (template no. 8).