In 2021, CORSIA will launch with a voluntary pilot phase that will last until 2023. During this phase, aircraft operators will be required to offset their emissions compared to the baseline years 2019-2020 for routes between ICAO member states that are also participants in CORSIA.

Report emissions

To establish their emission levels for 2019 and 2020, all aircraft operators offering international flights will be required to report their emissions. To this end, aircraft operators for which the Netherlands is the administering Member State will need to submit a monitoring plan to the Dutch Emissions Authority (NEa) by 28 February 2019. A European template for this will be published on the NEa website in due course. Aircraft operators must report their emissions for 2019 by 31 May 2020.

As soon as the European template is available and the relevant legislation and regulations have been finalised, the NEa will publish more information on this website about the actions that aircraft operators should take to meet their obligations under CORSIA.

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