Other projects

To obtain written consent for a CDM project activity other than a major dam project, the applicant must hold either a personal deposit account or a trading account, or a Kyoto account in the Dutch section of the CO2 registry. The NEa would recommend a Kyoto account as this is the only type of account on which CERs can be deposited directly from the CDM registry. If the applicant is a legal entity it is also required to be registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

NB: If the major project activity for generating hydroelectric power exceeds 20 MW, other requirements apply.

Application requirements

The application must be signed and contain the following information:

  • the name of the person or legal entity submitting the application to obtain written consent;
  • the name and the registration number of the relevant project activity and the registration date (for projects registered by the CDM competent authority);
  • the name of the project activity as stated in the written consent from the host country (for projects that have not been registered by the CDM competent authority).

The following documents must be sent together with the application:

  • a colour copy of the signatory's passport; if the application is a legal entity, a colour copy of the passport of the company's legal representative;
  • a Kyoto certificate*;
  • the project design document (PDD);
  • the validation report;
  • a document containing the written consent issued by the host country;

All the accompanying documents may be drawn up in English; with the exception of the application itself, all supporting documents must be sent by e-mail to info@emissieauthoriteit.nl.

*Kyoto certificate: 'The applicant must declare that the specific project is in accordance with all the relevant decisions, directives, modalities and procedures as defined in Article 12 of the Kyoto Protocol'.


The fee for the granting of written consent for participating in a CDM project is EUR 400.

More information

Want to know more about the granting of written consent? Please contact the NEa Helpdesk.