CO2 Registry user roles

The CO2 Registry has various defined user roles: initiators, approvers, initiators and approvers and read-only account representatives. All users can view account details and account balances.

Actions are performed based on the account type; certain actions must first be proposed by one user, and then approved by another.

The table below shows the authorizations per role.

User roles
Role name Former role name (pre 20210 Permission(s)
Process initiator only Authorized representative (on an account with approvers) Can only initiate processes*
Process approver only Additional authorized representative Can only approve processes*
Process initiator and approver Authorized representative (on an account without approvers) Can initiate and approve processes*
Read only authorized representative Passive authorized representative Can only view the account

*Processes include both transactions and additions to the trused account list.

Account users

  • The permissions are defined in the role names: a process initiator only can only initiate actions, a process approver only can only approve actions.
  • A Process initiator and approver can initiate and approve actions. However, the user that approves the action cannot be the same as the one who initiated it: the 4 eye principle applies.
  • Read only authorized representatives may only view the account details and account balance.
  • Accounts should have a minimum of 2 users: at least one that can initiate processes and one that can approve processes.
    More users/more permissions are useful in case of absence, illness etc.
  • Accounts can have a maximum of 20 users.