CO2 registry ETS 2021-2030

The European greenhouse gas emissions trading register, the CO2 registry, is the online system of accounts and emission allowances for participants in the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). The NEa manages the Dutch part of the CO2 registry.

Businesses for which participation in the EU ETS is mandatory use the CO2 registry to enter information on their annual emissions and surrender emission allowances on that basis. In addition, they can use the registry to trade allowances. Other businesses and individuals who want to trade in emission allowances can also apply for an account in the CO2 registry.

Trading in the CO2 registry works just like internet banking. After logging in, you can access your account(s) and see the number of allowances on your account, surrender allowances or transfer them to other accounts.

Before you can log in

To access the CO2 registry, you need an EU Login account and a Unique Registry Identifier (URID).

EU Login account
EU Login is the central login portal for the CO2 registry and a few other applications of the European Commission.

Each user has a single EU Login account. Your EU Login account gives you access to your account(s) in the CO2 registry. If you have accounts in several national sections of the registry, e.g. the Dutch and German national sections, your EU Login account enables you to access all these accounts.

For access to the Dutch CO2 registry, you must register as a user in the registry. You will then receive a personal user code: your URID.

If you are registered as a user in, for example, both the Dutch and the German national sections of the CO2 registry, you will need two URIDs. The first two letters of the URID indicate to which section the URID gives access.

Two-factor authentication
Login to the CO2 registry is done via two-factor authentication. For the first step, you log in with your email address and password. For the second step you need a QR code. To obtain one, you must register your telephone number in EU Login and download an application onto your phone that generates this QR code. This combination of email address, password and QR code lets you log in and sign transactions.

NB: if the phone number you register in EU Login does not match the number known to the CO2 registry, you will not be able to log in. If you change your phone, you must change the registration in EU Login and then change it in the CO2 registry.

NEa has created a manual that goes through the process of how to create an EU Login account and URID step by step.

Logging into the CO2 registry

You can log into the CO2 registry by clicking on this link.

If you have any questions or encounter problems logging in, please contact the NEa Helpdesk.