Claiming deliveries - Energy for Transport

Companies that deliver renewable energy to the Dutch transport sector can claim the deliveries in their account in the Energy for Transport Registry (REV: Register Energie voor Vervoer). They will receive renewable energy units (HBEs: hernieuwbare brandstofeenheden) for this.

Please note: the information available on this page is only relevant for 2018-2021.

They can trade their HBEs with companies that are subject to an obligation for Energy for Transport, or use them for their own obligation.

Claiming delivery of renewable energy

Liquid and gaseous biofuels, liquid renewable fuels and the renewable share of electricity can be claimed in the REV.

Sustainability of renewable energy

Companies  submitting claims and the renewable energy to be claimed are subject to conditions. For instance, companies  may only claim deliveries of biofuels in the REV if they meet the European sustainability criteria. The amount of liquid biofuel claimed must demonstrably be ‘taxed delivered’ to the Dutch transport sector.

Creating HBEs and double-counting

Once delivery of renewable energy has been claimed, HBEs are created and credited to the account in the REV. The compensation in HBEs is, to a significant extent, determined by the  feedstock from which a sustainable biofuel is produced.

 The type of feedstock determines the type of HBE as follows: HBE Advanced, HBE Conventional or HBE Other. The  feedstock also determines whether the biofuel is eligible for double-counting.

Verification of delivered renewable energy and year-end closing

Each year, the claiming operator follows a number of steps to close the claim year before 1 April. One of the steps is to provide a Verification Declaration Delivered Renewable Energy. This shows that the claim for delivery of renewable energy satisfies all legal requirements.