Systems ETS Maritime

Shipping companies participating in EU ETS will need accounts in two different systems to be able to fulfill their obligations: in THETIS MRV and the EU ETS registry.

In THETIS MRV shipping companies comply with the monitoring, reporting and verification requirements and in the EU ETS registry each shipping company will have an account to trade and surrender allowances.

EU ETS registry

At this moment, it is not yet possible to open a compliance account in the EU ETS registry. We are expecting the Maritime Operator Holding Account (MOHA) to become technically available from January 2024. The NEa is likely starting the ‘account opening procedure’ a bit earlier, to allow for administrative preparations.

If your company wishes to trade EU ETS allowances before 2024, there is an option for opening a trading account. A trading account will allow you to purchase allowances and transfer those to your compliance account once it is created.

Please refer to our website for more information on trading accounts.